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October 12, 2015

Successful Project Management Leadership in a Multigenerational Workplace

Do you count "generational competence" among the leadership skills in your project management toolbox?  As we continue to wrestle with typical project management work issues on a daily basis – timelines, quality control, cost issues, risk management – we also find the need to develop additional leadership competencies as part of the PMI Talent Triangle....
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October 8, 2015

Culture 101

We live and work across cultures on a daily basis, but what IS culture?  If you are curious to learn more about the basics of cultural theory and how it has changed over time, this webinar is for you. In this 90 minute session, trainer and coach Jamie Gelbtuch will introduce the concept of culture, how...
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May 21, 2015

Generations are Cultures Too!

Did you know that in today’s workplace it’s not uncommon to have up to four generations working side-by-side? By extension, this brings a lot of complexity – with four sets of expectations, experiences, attitudes, motivations, and yes – behaviors, too. According to Jamie Gelbtuch, RW3 CultureWizard Master Trainer and Founder of Cultural Mixology, these differences...
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March 21, 2015

“It’s Not Me, It’s You!” at the Just 4 Women Expo

Calling all Women, Gals, Moms, Daughters, Grandmas, Friends, Chicks, and Ladies!! Don't you deserve an afternoon to yourself with the girls? Shouldn't you take some time to have fun and learn something new? Wouldn't you like to grow both personally and professionally?   As part of the 2015 Just 4 Women Expo, sponsored by the Lions Club District 20-K2, Cultural...
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