The coaching process helps people reach goals by overcoming personal obstacles. It empowers individuals by creating realistic, actionable items and a sense of accountability.

Why Coaching?

Changes come in many forms: new countries and languages, new relationships, new careers. Some changes are sought out and some are thrust upon us. Sometimes the change is the culture itself and other times the change is simply occurring against a backdrop of cultural differences. We believe that people have both the potential and the power to effectuate positive change. Change is hard; motivation isn’t always sufficient and trying isn’t always enough. Therefore, our energy is best spent on taking a series of smart and achievable actions toward the goals that we want to realize.

What does our coaching process look like?

  • An initial assessment to clarify objectives around personal or professional development
  • The creation of a development plan for critical skills and behaviors that need to be acquired or enhanced for maximum effectiveness
  • Access to cutting edge resources to support the mindshifting process, challenge limiting beliefs, and promote thinking around personal obstacles
  • Action-oriented learning whereby the client commits to actions each week in order to embed new ways of cultural thinking, being, and relating
  • Regular accountability to ensure that the learning “sticks” and results are achieved

Many of our coaching engagements include the BrainStates Awareness Profile™, an assessment tool that provides individuals with specific feedback on their brain state tendencies as well as strengths and areas of development along seven dimensions of neuroscience underlying their brain state score.

This neuroscience-based framework for developing higher-level leadership and inclusion skills is based on the concept of brain states. It provides powerful neuroscience-based tools and strategies for engaging higher levels of self-awareness and being able to operate from the higher brain more consistently throughout the day. It is from the higher brain that we can be most effective as leaders as we improve our self-awareness, flexible thinking, curiosity, open-mindedness, and ultimately the ability to consistently engage in new behavior patterns that result in higher-level outcomes.

Cultural Mixology Why Coaching
Cultural Mixology Executive Coaching

I have worked with numerous coaches throughout my career. Jamie Gelbtuch is without a doubt among the very best. She provides the perfect mix of insight, analysis and encouragement, solidly grounded in a mindset that invites exploration and self-knowledge. The coaching journey was both enriching and affirming. Thank you Jamie!

Michael Cowan, Strategic Communications Executive

Executive Coaching

Why is executive coaching beneficial?
Even the most talented leaders encounter specific workplace challenges, obstacles that can seem insurmountable, or blind spots that often grow out of great strengths. Executive coaching is a confidential partnership, between you and the coach, that creates the opportunity to deepen awareness of blockages, implement new skills and behaviors, and design a sustainable plan to move forward with positive change over the long-term. Whether it’s figuring out how to successfully adapt to a new professional environment, working toward a promotion, communicating appropriately, or leading with purpose across the organization, executive coaching helps you gain clarity, problem-solve from within, and realize your highest potential in order to exceed expectations on performance and results.

Who benefits from executive coaching?
Global leaders and expatriates who want to recalibrate their mindset so that they can easily manage the complexity, uncertainty, and challenges presented by working in an international environment

What are specific goals of executive coaching?
Through powerful questioning, reflection, and focus, you develop new perspectives on:

  • Cultural understanding (national, organizational, generational)
  • Navigating new organizations
  • Leadership styles
  • The path to promotions
  • Relationship, team, and trust building
  • Communication patterns and skills
  • Internal and external networking
  • Self-confidence and self-awareness
  • 360 feedback assessments and debriefs
  • Leadership shadowing and debriefs

What are the results?
You grow into your fullest leadership potential by leveraging strengths and closing knowledge gaps in the professional environment. To read about some of our coaching success stories, click here.

Career Coaching

Why is career coaching beneficial?
Finding the next career opportunity or exploring alternative career options requires support, especially in a new country. Career coaching provides a hands-on structured approach to navigating the professional marketplace including assessing skills and priorities, learning how to pitch yourself, developing a local network on and offline, and creating masterful cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles that position you to succeed with job applications. With an understanding of what you bring to the marketplace in your new reality, you build the confidence to reinvent your brand in a culturally and business relevant way.

Who benefits from our career coaching?
Global leaders and expatriates in the US who are looking to continue their current career path or explore new opportunities; entrepreneurs who are launching a new venture

What are specific goals of career coaching?
Through the career coaching process, you develop:

  • Clarity around professional values and priorities
  • Resumes, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles aligned to US standards
  • Resources for identification of job opportunities and industry networking
  • Effective interview preparation and communication skills
  • Best practices for negotiations
  • Business plans with articulate visions, missions, and goals to match your target market
  • Knowledge of the logistical process of setting up a business in the US

What are the results?
An insightful journey along a new or existing career path that equips you with all of the self-confidence and practical tools you need to reaffirm, reassess, or reinvent your professional purpose. To read about some of our coaching success stories, click here.

Cultural Mixology Career Coaching

“Jamie is incredibly intelligent, insightful, motivating, and supportive. She imparts empowering advice that you will find yourself channeling as you navigate your day to day experiences at work and beyond. I’m so grateful for my time with Jamie and will consider her my go-to resource for future career coaching.”

Jane O’Reilly, Director, Creative Services, Travel + Leisure

Cultural Mixology Personal Coaching

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful coaching upon my arrival in the US as an expat from India. As a direct result of your coaching, I am working with a clear action plan and strategy, and I have also gained tremendous confidence. I feel much more comfortable in how I approach and interact with people. After taking a career break, I believed these attributes were long gone in me and through your support and understanding, knowledge, empathy, and strategy, I am a new person and these positive beliefs will be used through out my life. The coaching did not just give guidance on how to reach my goals, but it also gave me the moral support to face fears and overcome them.“

Sirisha Nedunury, Insurance Underwriter

Personal Coaching

Why is personal coaching beneficial?
When it comes to international relocations, as an expatriate, you often don’t truly know what to expect until you are in the thick of it. Many areas of your world that were previously aligned are now out of sync. As a result, the changes can create a feeling of internal and external chaos. Whether you feel lost upon arrival in your new country or are wanting to explore new opportunities in your life, the personal coaching process challenges you to explore the options available to you in areas such as building relationships, personal development, or simply fun and creativity. You take control over the process of increasing the overall contentment and balance in your world.

Who benefits from personal coaching?
Expatriates who want to recalibrate their mindset so that they can easily manage the complexity, uncertainty, and personal challenges presented by living in an international environment

What are specific goals of personal coaching?
Through assessments, dialogue, and appreciative inquiry, you develop new perspectives on:

  • Overall balance among the distinct areas of your life
  • Values and priorities
  • Positive and/or self-defeating behavior patterns
  • A vision for moving forward with measurable goals and actions

What are the results?
Powerful insights and aha moments lead you to more closely align actions and values for optimum happiness and fulfillment. To read about some of our coaching success stories, click here.

Mentor Coaching

Why is mentor coaching beneficial?
From a neuroscience perspective, both coaches’ and clients’ earliest life experiences and interactions forged strong neural pathways in their brains at a very young age and created a “social autopilot”. So, if we grew up in a single culture environment, we learned how to behave successfully in that culture, but not necessarily in another one. Strengths in one culture may often be deficits in another culture, or vice-versa. Consequently, it is critical to have self-awareness around cultural beliefs and personal behavioral styles.

For coaches who are seeking or renewing an ICF credential at the ACC or PCC level, mentoring provides coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative, and dialogued process to increase capabilities in alignment with ICF Core Competencies.

Who benefits from mentor coaching?
Coaches who work with international clients and want to understand the impact of cultural differences on the coaching process; coaches seeking or maintaining an ICF credential (at the ACC or PCC level) who are looking for a Mentor Coach listed in the ICF Mentor Coach Registry

What are specific goals of mentor coaching?
We help coaches to:

  • Generate self-awareness around their own mental mind maps to see how they may differ from those of their international clients
  • Recognize and adjust communication, decision-making, leadership, relationship-building, and feedback styles that vary from culture to culture
  • Take conscious action to develop the competencies necessary to ensure that their coaching remains relevant and impactful regardless of their setting
  • Demonstrate the level of coaching competency and capability demanded by the ICF ACC or PCC credential level

What are the results?
Coaches who are culturally savvy, have capabilities that align with ICF Core Competencies, and are able to maximize both market potential and effectiveness with the widest range of clients possible. To read about some of our coaching success stories, click here.

Cultural Mixology Mentor Coaching

“Jamie’s insight and perspectives on cultural wiring has been invaluable to me in working with international clients. She has not only opened my eyes to the many ways in which culture of origin shapes day to day exchanges, but she has provided excellent examples and evidence to underscore the knowledge she imparts.”

Karen Gallant, Executive Coach, Gallant Consulting Group

I reached out to Jamie for mentorship during a time when I was looking to develop my practice as a cross-cultural trainer and coach. It’s hard to build a practice and seek guidance in your hometown when the only people who understand your challenges are your competitors, so it was great to find and consult with Jamie on the other side of the world! 

Throughout our time together, Jamie has helped me strategize workshop content, packages, and pricing, connected me to essential resources, and coached me to make decisions that impacted the growth of my business to where it is today. Even if you’re only looking for coaching, I highly recommend Jamie in helping you get from where you’re at to where you want to be!

Katheryn Gronauer, Founder, Thrive Tokyo