Consulting provides the research, support and hands-on project management necessary in an organization’s problem-solving process.

 “I am the Executive Director of a not-for-profit organization which provides food, clothing, guidance and job skills to thousands of local people in need in northern Westchester County, NY. For nearly two years, Jamie Gelbtuch has done consultant work to help launch and guide programs for our organization.

Jamie’s work with our organization required communications skills in Spanish and English and a grasp of cultural issues Hispanic immigrants face in living in the our community, which Jamie was able to provide. She produced a wide range of final product, from PowerPoint and slide presentations to grant proposals and assessments.

Jamie is thorough and produces meticulously crafted work; she cares mightily about, and was diligent in producing, excellent finished products and genuinely favorable outcomes: testimony to her skills and her exemplary work ethic, but also to her honesty and personal and professional integrity.” 

Sherry Wolf, Executive Director, Community Center of Northern Westchester

Who benefits from cultural consulting?

Organizations, teams, or individuals working on projects that present unique challenges touching on culture and language.

What are the goals of cultural consulting?

We offer a flexible working relationship, while developing creative and effective solutions that help clients solve their problems, meet their goals, and manage their projects in a culturally effective manner. 

Implement solutions that take cultural diversity into account

Specialized and Adaptable

We work with a wide range of clients, ranging from multinational corporations to local non-profits and pride ourselves on the fact that our services are highly customized based on our clients’ circumstances and needs.


We believe in an approach that combines our cultural knowledge and creativity with our client’s in-depth understanding of their field to produce practical solutions that address cross-cultural and diversity related challenges.


We like to ask lots of targeted questions to gain in-depth insight into our clients’ audience, goals, and desired results. Our work isn’t done after the project is complete either. We’ll always want to know how it’s working, gather feedback, and evaluate the response.

Flawless Execution

Our experience in project management ensures that we will take a detail-oriented approach from the initial development of relevant content to the final delivery of learning sessions. We’ll produce an end product that exceeds the expectations of all constituents involved.