Our training programs educate you or your team on how to successfully work with people from a specific culture or across cultures in general.



Our coaching engagements help you deepen self-awareness, learn and implement new skills, and design a strategic plan to move towards your goals.



Our consulting services offer solutions to your organization’s challenges based on cultural expertise, past experience, and current resources.

Who We Are

Cultural Mixology designs and delivers programs that build and enhance cultural competencies. We serve as a strategic thinking partner to support individuals and organizations that want to thrive across cultures through training, coaching, consulting, and mentoring. 

We are proud to be a certified WBE with the New York City Department of Small Business Services.

What We Do

  • Increase cultural fluency to better collaborate and build trust
  • Enhance intercultural communication skills
  • Boost multicultural workplace performance
  • Maximize organizations’ investment in expatriate leaders and their families
  • Improve employee engagement and create higher morale
  • Mitigate cultural risk factors
  • Equip people with tools to flourish during times of change and cultural transitions
  • Develop culturally appropriate programs and services

Why Us

Culture is invisible, yet it impacts nearly everything today.  Oftentimes, when we are working, living, or studying in an international environment, we simply don’t know what we don’t know. We function in a stage of “unconscious incompetence”, unaware of our cultural assumptions and biases.

Our goal is to help people achieve a higher state of performance by recognizing these issues and building a positive and action-oriented outlook toward cultural diversity. As a result, cultural competencies become intuitive and automatic over time and our clients shift to a mindset of “unconscious competence”.


“I would highly recommend Jamie Gelbtuch and Cultural Mixology for any organization looking for intercultural awareness training. We asked Jamie and her team to create a one-day seminar tailored specifically to the unique mix of cultural diversity that exists within our organization. Jamie’s seminar was spot-on in terms of content, delivery, and timing. Jamie’s use of interactive exercises, real-world examples and humor kept the…” Read More

Anne Cowper, SPHR

Director of Human Resources, Rohde & Schwarz

“Jamie from Cultural Mixology presented a training seminar on intercultural awareness at our annual program meeting, and not only was the content compelling, but she presented it in a way that felt fresh and relevant. She provided our global team with a framework to openly discuss ideas and challenges, while maximizing the limited time that we had together. Jamie was a thoughtful and highly-prepared speaker, and I hope to…” Read More

Nancy Raditz

Associate Vice President, Oceans Program Operations, Environmental Defense Fund

“High praise for the the Cultural Mixology seminar! It is informative and fun as you learn techniques for understanding and appreciating another culture. Jamie helps you answer the “why” underlying many cultural traditions, values and behaviors. As an added benefit you begin to discover many things about your own culture that you may take for granted or be completely unaware of!”     Read More


French-American School of New York

The Cultural Insider

One email per month—like these—with culture tips, quizzes, and info that will help you work better across cultures.

Five Kenyan Proverbs

Five Kenyan Proverbs

Welcome to Kenya! It’s a country of impressive culture and rich history that includes 40+ diverse ethnic groups and 68 spoken languages. One of Kenya’s most treasured cultural assets is its collection of traditional Swahili proverbs, reflecting centuries of wisdom passed down through generations.

Symbols Across Cultures

Symbols Across Cultures

When we think about communicating across cultures, we usually think of language first. Beyond words, there are gestures, clothing choices, and behaviors that also help us connect with people from diverse backgrounds and understand their norms. But what about symbols?

Five Tips for Working in India

Five Tips for Working in India

With a bustling economy, rapidly growing healthcare, IT, and digital payment industries, and one of the largest populations in the world, India is an increasingly popular destination for expat assignments. Given the country’s diverse array of cultures and languages, here are our top five tips for working in India.

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