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Why Us

Culture is invisible, yet it impacts nearly everything today.  Oftentimes, when we are working, living, or studying in an international environment, we simply don’t know what we don’t know. Therefore, we function in a stage of “unconscious incompetence”.

Culture is complex and there are not always easy answers. Our goal is to help people achieve a state of “unconscious competence” whereby cultural competencies become intuitive and automatic over time. We have done this successfully many times over and encourage you to read some of the feedback received.

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Who We Are

Cultural Mixology designs, delivers, and facilitates programs that build and enhance cultural competencies through training, coaching, mentoring, and consulting.

We serve as a strategic thinking partner to support individuals and organizations that want to thrive across cultures. We coach them in order to assess their strengths, identify areas for development, and provide the resources and accountability necessary to reach their goals.

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What We Do

  • Equip people with tools to flourish during times of change and cultural transitions
  • Increase cultural fluency in order to better collaborate and build trust
  • Improve employee engagement and create higher morale
  • Mitigate cultural risk factors
  • Enhance intercultural communication skills
  • Boost multicultural workplace performance
  • Develop culturally appropriate programs and services
  • Maximize organizations’ investment in expatriate leaders and their families


“I would highly recommend Jamie Gelbtuch and Cultural Mixology for any organization looking for intercultural awareness training. Jamie’s seminar was spot-on in terms of content, delivery, and timing. Jamie’s use of interactive exercises, real-world examples and humor kept the team engaged and focused. Personally, I left the training with a renewed sense of self-awareness and a more complete communications toolbox.”

Anne Cowper, SPHR, Director of Human Resources at Rohde & Schwarz

“Jamie delivered a training webinar for the Upwardly Global alumni community of 3500+ immigrant professionals from over 140 countries. Her presentation was rich, inspiring and transformational. Many tell of how they’ve become personally empowered to drive for greater success as they navigate the complexities in cultures and work relationships while adapting to work life within the United States of America.”

Emmanuel Imah, Alumni Engagement Manager at Upwardly Global

“Having Jamie as a Coach has been one of the greatest business experiences I’ve had in my career. Jamie has the natural ability to create powerful conversations. She helped me identify my real goals and generate concrete and effective action plans for establishing my Consulting Company in 4 months. Jamie always made me feel very comfortable, but at the same time challenged me, taking me to higher thinking levels where the real “aha-moments” happened. If you want to work with a Coach that will make you create change in a fast and productive way, her name is Jamie Gelbtuch.”

A.B., Marketing Executive and Leadership Coach

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