RW3 CultureWizard: Generations are Cultures Too!
Date: May 21, 2015

Did you know that in today’s workplace it’s not uncommon to have up to four generations working side-by-side? By extension, this brings a lot of complexity – with four sets of expectations, experiences, attitudes, motivations, and yes – behaviors, too. According to Jamie Gelbtuch, RW3 CultureWizard Master Trainer and Founder of Cultural Mixology, these differences are akin to cultural differences in the sense that they all stem from underlying shared values and experiences.

A 2011 AARP Report, Leading a Multigenerational Workforce further details the changing landscape of the emerging intergenerational global workforce and how the rich mixture of generations infuses corporate cultures. The graphic below shows us that an estimated 38% of Baby Boomers, 32% of Gen X’ers and 25% of Millennials comprise the multigenerational workforce with a small (but statistically significant) 5% cohort of WWII-era employees working alongside with them.

Intergenerational workplaces can present great opportunities for learning, mentorship and building valuable career relationships. But without awareness of potential generational differences, there is also a risk of miscommunication, frustration, and reduced workplace productivity. To avoid these potential pitfalls, Gelbtuch recommends taking proactive steps to build generational awareness and shift your mindset toward approaching different cultures and generations alike. (Learn more about these steps on Jamie’s March 2015 blog post, Generations are Cultures Too!, published on the Cultural Mixology website.)

The Details

Want to learn more about navigating generational differences in your workplace? On May 21, RW3 CultureWizard and Jamie Gelbtuch will present an hour-long webinar in honor of the UN’s World Day for Cultural Diversity. By attending this complimentary online presentation, you will develop a keener eye for leveraging cultural diversity in today’s multigenerational workplace and learn valuable skills for leading your own generationally-diverse workforce.


May 21, 2015 at 10.30am ET, 1:30pm ET, 8:30pm ET




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