When you encounter cultural differences, do you ask, “Is my view correct?” or “Does my view serve me?”

If we risk ignoring culture, we jeopardize our talent’s ability to deliver maximum value. Mistaken assumptions, miscommunications, and misperceived values siphon off a lot of energy and detract from overall well-being and workplace performance. Developing appropriate cultural awareness can significantly mitigate these stressors and allow project leaders to manage the complexity, uncertainty, and personal challenges presented by multicultural environments.

Join me at the PMI Global Congress in San Diego, CA for an interactive session, appropriate for any project manager who works in a multicultural environment, that will help increase cultural fluency. You’ll walk away with an awareness of how to better collaborate and build trust across borders, improve global employee engagement and create higher morale, mitigate cultural risk factors, enhance intercultural communication skills, and boost multicultural workplace performance on your project teams.

Hope to see you there!

Session time:  Sunday, September 25th from 1:45pm – 3:00pm