Cultural Mixology and Bloomspot
Date: December 14, 2010

Broaden your horizons and your world perspective with Cultural Mixology and Bloomspot*. So much more than just a language study course, Cultural Mixology teaches individuals and families about lifestyles abroad. Educate yourself about foreign customs by learning everything from salutations to body language to religious practices. Experience a global awakening with classes that teach you to think, speak, and adapt to life as a local. 

Cultural Basic Introduction

Deepen your understanding of another country and its unique traditions with three different seminars. In just 60 minutes, learn ten ways to heighten your cultural awareness with a private, one-hour Cultural Basic Introduction training. A detailed in-person or online presentation will teach you to recognize various communication and relationship styles, customs, and etiquette so you’ll be able to interact politely and professionally within a foreign community. Complete the lesson in-person and on-site at the location of your choosing (excluding homes), or online from the comfort of your home. 

Country Specific Training Session

Throughout the personal, two-hour Country Specific Training Session, learn country-specific cultural immersion information. Whether you plan to study abroad in France or travel on business to Japan, learn the framework for successful navigation through a new and unfamiliar culture. Familiarize yourself with models of behavior, social expectations, and everyday transactions for the country of your choice. 

Group Cultural Training

Before a vacation overseas, get friends or family together with an intensive three-hour Group Cultural Training lesson. Rediscover your own values through the light of an outside perspective, and learn how to assimilate yourself into a foreign culture. This all-encompassing seminar—guaranteed to cover any culture—invites you to dive head first into a cultural immersion experience and ignite a passion for traveling. All seminars end with a bound copy of the unique and 100% customizable presentation that you can refer to whenever needed.

*Bloomspot was acquired by JP Morgan Chase & Co. in 2012.