Training Seminars

Training seminars facilitate an understanding, appreciation, and strategic approach to cultural differences.

The Imprint of Culture

“Jamie from Cultural Mixology presented a training seminar on intercultural awareness at our annual program meeting, and not only was the content compelling, but she presented it in a way that felt fresh and relevant. She provided our global team with a framework to openly discuss ideas and challenges, while maximizing the limited time that we had together. Jamie was a thoughtful and highly-prepared speaker, and I hope to have other opportunities to work with her.”

Nancy Raditz, Associate Vice President, Oceans Program Operations, Environmental Defense Fund

Target audience: 

This program is appropriate for groups who live, work, or study in a multicultural environment.


From a cultural standpoint, one single event can be interpreted in a multitude of ways. This program helps participants understand how their own experiences shape their beliefs, inform their assumptions, and steer their decisions to better manage in environments where there are many unwritten rules. It is a highly interactive, experiential, and customized way of learning practical applications of cultural frameworks and differences.


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Navigating Culture X

“We just experienced the most wonderful cultural workshop and training with Jamie! As Germans we moved from Switzerland to NY, USA and although we have been visiting the States multiple times for different reasons, reflecting and discussing with her different values, styles in communication, cultures and their background was extremely helpful and super interesting! She invested a lot of her time upfront to get to know us and she perfectly customized our workshop 1000% according to our personal needs. We highly recommend Jamie to anyone else – even if you are completely convinced you already know it all!”

Anne Blumrich, PhD, Brand Director, Marketing

Target audience: 

This program is appropriate for business teams, individuals, families, students, and educators that will interact intensively with another culture.


We are fluent in the expression of our own culture. We know the cues, understand the rules, and move through our business and social experience with a native ease.

This powerful program demonstrates the ways in which historical, geographical, and social perspectives define our interactions at every step, and provides the framework for navigating successfully through a new and unfamiliar culture. Participants focus on target cultures at a granular level. For example, they learn and appreciate country-specific models of behavior, social and business expectations, and everyday transactions. Each program is tailored to the highly unique nature of participants’ objectives and therefore provides the “deep dive” learning essential to successful immersion.


To read about some of our training success stories, click here.

Develop cultural competence to outperform peers

Specialized and Adaptable

We work with a wide range of clients, ranging from multinational corporations to local non-profits and pride ourselves on the fact that our services are highly customized based on our clients’ circumstances and needs.


We believe that almost everyone today is living or working in an environment where they interact with culture in some way, shape, or form. We adapt accordingly to make cultural training accessible to everyone involved in an organization.


We never just “present” material.  Our goal is always to create an environment in which learners can actually feel cultural differences vis-à-vis a combination of presentation, simulation games and debriefs, activities, and multimedia.

Flawless Execution

Our experience in project management ensures that we will take a detail-oriented approach from the initial development of relevant content to the final delivery of learning sessions. We’ll produce an end product that exceeds the expectations of all constituents involved.