Appearance on Emigrant’s Life Podcast
Date: November 8, 2020

Emigrant’s Life

Resilience: The Emigrant’s Superpower

Whether you’re an expat, an immigrant, or just aspiring to be one, you need to understand the importance of resiliency as an individual. In this episode, Jamie, the author of The Role of Resiliency in a Global Lifestyle and the founder of Cultural Mixology, shares with us how individuals go through multiple cycles in their lives as they start living in an unfamiliar place far from home. She has such a complex understanding of how our brain adapts to change, and how we build the value of resiliency, an essential attribute for everyone who wants to start a fresh chapter in a new country. With her knowledge of these fields, Jamie helps people by coaching them on adapting to a new country and culture. Through Cultural Mixology, she eases the complicated journey of surviving in an unfamiliar culture, which constitutes one of the most challenging parts of moving abroad. Tune in to this Emigrant’s Life podcast below as Jamie talks with host Daniel De Biasi about resilience as the “emigrant’s superpower”!