DC Library Association: Strategic Communications in Culture
Date: April 24, 2013

As librarians, we communicate with our users, staff, C-Level, patrons, and each other every day with a myriad of technological devices, languages, infographics, styles and tones. Why does it feel like we are all talking at cross-purposes? Whether communicating your value to a VIP or just trying to stay in touch with your multi-generational staff, speaking across cultures, generations and technology platforms while still adhering to the strategic goals of your library and parent organization, can be formidable.

The Details

This workshop will present a variety of different communication challenges (either generational, intercultural or via technology) and will look at methods to strategically navigate them to get your message across. It will also help you hear and understand the communications and motivations of others more effectively.


April 24, 2013, 9:00am – 4:00pm (continental breakfast and lunch are included)


Library of Congress, Madison Building, Mumford Room



DCLA 2013 Joint Spring Workshop Speakers

Lee Rainie – Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project 

Kerry Keegan – Author of “X, Y and Z are Call Numbers, Not Co-workers: Communicating Through Generational Differences”

Jamie Gelbtuch – Founder and Principal Consultant of Cultural Mixology, a company that “designs, delivers, and facilitates cross-cultural and language training programs in academic, business, and expatriate environments.”


The District of Columbia Library Association began co-sponsoring the Joint Spring Workshop, originally advertised as the “third continuing workshop,” in 1968 with the Washington Chapter of the Special Libraries Association (DC/SLA). The Law Librarians’ Society of Washington DC (LLSDC), the American Society of Information Science Potomac Chapter (ASIS), and the Federal Libraries Information Coordinating Committee (FLICC) joined later. The city-wide Joint Spring Workshop (JSW) consortium administers an annual educational program that is open to all local library associations. The leadership of the committee is rotated annually among the participating sponsors.