At Anglia Advisors, one of their specialties is working with foreign nationals based in the US to help them navigate the US personal financial system.

They would love to talk with inbound non-citizen clients of Cultural Mixology as well as with companies who are particularly conscious of the needs of their foreign staff to see how they can be of assistance with all aspects of their personal finances.

Their pricing is right there on the website at and for Cultural Mixology’s clients, they will discount these fees by 10% for any of their fixed price single-issue financial planning services or take $150 off the fee for the initial engagement part of their Full Financial Plan.

Contact them for more details of this discounted scheme and to arrange a free initial consultation with founder and principal, Simon Brady.

No compensation is being paid to/from Anglia Advisors from/to Cultural Mixology in respect of this discounted scheme, nor are the firms affiliated in any way.