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As the world’s fifth-largest country, Brazil boasts close to 60% of the Amazon Rainforest, hosts vibrant festivals including the world-renowned Rio Carnival, and has a diverse wealth of culture to explore.

Capturing the essence of modern Brazilian culture is challenging though due to the plethora of cultures that have influenced the country throughout history. Portuguese culture, evident in the Brazilian national language (though distinct from European Portuguese), intertwines with the rich linguistic contributions of Brazil’s Indigenous community, which comprises 0.8% of the population. Despite their small demographic, the languages from the Tupí-Guarani family continue to infuse Brazilian Portuguese with thousands of words. For example, the name of the açai fruit comes from the Tupian word ĩwasa’i, meaning “fruit that cries,” since it expels water.

When you think of Brazil, music and dance probably also come to mind. And for good reason! For example, Brazil is the birthplace of Samba, a music and dance genre originating in Afro-Brazilian communities in the late 19th century. It’s now a key part of the world-famous Rio Carnival, not to mention popular around the world. And the Rio Carnival, with its elaborate parades, intricate samba costumes, lively music, and millions of spectators, encapsulates the country’s warm and colorful culture every year before Lent.

Finally, Brazil’s cuisine is regularly gaining more and more international recognition. The thought of foods like brigadeiro (a Brazilian chocolate truffle made with condensed milk), pão de queijo (literally “cheese bread”), and feijoada (Brazil’s national dish: a stew of beef, beans, and pork) are enough to make anyone hungry.

Amidst the cultural richness of Brazil, where does one begin? Start your journey below with our fun Brazilian culture quiz:

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