Appearance on The Global Marketing Show Podcast
Date: April 9, 2021

The Global Marketing Show: Episode 30

Depth & Likeability Make Her Successful

The Global Marketing Show is a podcast for global marketers to hear experts talk about opportunities and challenges in increasing multilingual lead gen and revenue. It explores the highs and lows and then delves into best practices for strategies, technologies, processes and quality for translation, transcreation, localization and more.

On episode #30 of the Global Marketing Show, “Depth & Likeability Make Her Successful”, Jamie Gelbtuch, Founder of Cultural Mixology talks with host Wendy Pease.

They talk about the different types of cultures – national, company, team, and individual. They also discuss training, communication issues, and the yes/no conundrum. For example, by understanding the differences and learning how to “read the air”, you can be successful in understanding when a “yes” really means “no”. Finally, Jamie explains the difference between high and low-context languages and gives 4 tips for working across cultures.

Jamie has a wealth of knowledge about cultures and the contexts that make interactions difficult. This is a fascinating conversation about what types of cultural training make sense.