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Martin Luther King Jr. Quiz

Every January, the United States celebrates a national day dedicated to the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. Several decades before the social justice movements that came to the forefront in 2020, MLK advocated a non-violence ethos to move people together towards peace, just like Gandhi before him. Individuals and companies alike continue to work toward truly diverse and inclusive environments at all levels. For example, PepsiCo and Mars have changed the mascots and branding for products such as Aunt Jemima syrup and Uncle Ben’s rice respectively. These have origins rooted in racial stereotypes and traditions such as white people refusing to call older Black people by Mr. and Mrs. As a result, they used the terms “aunt” and “uncle”. Similarly, some large companies have begun making “justice deposits” by moving a percent of assets to Black-owned banks. Netflix, Twitter, Paypal, and Costco are among those who have begun this effort to support racial equity and provide economic benefits to Black communities. How much do you know about this iconic visionary of his time? Test your knowledge with our Martin Luther King Jr. quiz below!

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