4 Secrets to Using a Client Intake Form

Publication: awarenow

Client intake forms are important. Most coaches and consultants should have them and be using them – and using them effectively. Cultural Mixology was happy to share some tips for coaches on how to effectively use intake forms for this article on the awarenow blog!

Outsourcing: Leap of Doubt?

Publication: The HR Director
Author: Jamie B. Gelbtuch and Frank Garten

Outsourcing is difficult to define – Wikipedia needs forty words, the Oxford English Dictionary takes twenty – and the actual experience is no less messy. Nowadays, a myriad of contractors, gig workers and third-party specialists move in and out of frame, are expected to liaise – often internationally – all in the name of diversity of thought. In the boardroom, this can present an overwhelming proposition, but isn’t outsourcing just collaboration?

Cultural Connections: It’s Important to Understand Global & Cultural Differences

Publication: Association Conventions & Facilities
Author: Maura Keller

When a conference presenter looks out on a room of association professionals, he or she is likely to see a multicultural mix of people. In fact, today’s typical meeting or conference is a dramatically different place than it was just 10 or 15 years ago as the U.S. population continues to become more diverse. In addition, as more associations are going global, planners and attendees are experiencing global cultures in new ways.

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