“Jamie helped me transition from full-time employee to entrepreneur and independent consultant. Since working with her, I experimented with the structure of my schedule and implemented one that prioritized revenue-driving leads, closed deals with my first three clients, and chipped away at the imposter syndrome that was holding me back from turning a passion project into my main hustle. As a career coach, Jamie was my accountability partner, which is invaluable when you voluntarily choose the entrepreneur’s path. Colleagues, friends and family may not get it, but Jamie does. Highly recommended if you’re striking out to start a business.” 

Cristina Cala, Founder and Editor of The Why Women Project

“Through Jamie’s experiential coaching techniques and nurturing approach, she helped me to develop more confidence in time management skills and more importantly valuing my time. I was able to learn what works and what doesn’t through our honest developmental conversations. During our sessions, Jamie helped me cultivate my best inner thoughts that led to trial and error experimentation that allowed me to see the fruits of my labor which motivated me even more.  I have developed skills now to not only manage time but to also reduce nonproductive behaviors. I have always considered time management to be one of my weaknesses, but I can now say this is no longer the case thanks to Jamie. 

Learning and professionally developing oneself does not have to be boring especially with a great coach like Jamie. Every session has not only been memorable but has allowed me to grow. Jamie would praise me when merited and also be brutally honest to make me reflect on my behaviors and how I could be doing something better. Jamie is great at what she does and I strongly recommend her to anyone that is serious and honest about improving themselves. She is like the inner voice that you wish you always had to help you!” 

John J. Milián, Founder & President, NWS NEW WORLD SOLUTIONS™

“Jamie is incredibly intelligent, insightful, motivating, and supportive. She imparts empowering advice that you will find yourself channeling as you navigate your day to day experiences at work and beyond. I’m so grateful for my time with Jamie and will consider her my go-to resource for future career coaching.”

Jane O'Reilly, Director, Creative Services at Travel + Leisure

“We just experienced the most wonderful cultural workshop and training with Jamie! As Germans we moved from Switzerland to NY, USA and although we have been visiting the States multiple times for different reasons, reflecting and discussing with her different values, styles in communication, cultures and their background was extremely helpful and super interesting!


Jamie helped us very much to further learn and understand both sides even more and very much supported us having a beautiful start abroad. She invested a lot of her time upfront to get to know us and she perfectly customized our workshop 1000% according to our personal needs. Moreover, her brilliant support did not stop with our workshop day and we can truly say that her functional and personal skills are more than phenomenal.


We are very thankful and thrilled for experiencing our intercultural workshop opportunity with her!


We highly recommend Jamie to anyone else – even if you are completely convinced you already know it all! Intercultural understanding and learning is always something you cannot investigate in enough!”

Anne Blumrich, PhD, Brand Director Marketing

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful coaching upon my arrival in the US as an expat from India. As a direct result of your coaching, I am working with a clear action plan and strategy, and I have also gained tremendous confidence. I feel much more comfortable in how I approach and interact with people. After taking a career break, I believed these attributes were long gone in me and through your support and understanding, knowledge, empathy, and strategy, I am a new person and these positive beliefs will be used through out my life. The coaching did not just give guidance on how to reach my goals, but it also gave me the moral support to face fears and overcome them. I started coaching with only the goal of getting a job. While I am yet to get the job, I gained the confidence to face the interviews and the confidence that I will get my dream job someday soon and I can’t wait to share that good news with you.”

Sirisha Nedunury, Insurance Underwriter

“Jamie was an absolutely wonderful coach. Not being able to do work in New York what I was doing back home in Belgium made me uncertain about what I wanted to do here. She really helped me unravel my problems and made me realize what I really wanted to do for work in New York. Because of the coaching I enrolled in several classes and thanks to the coaching I now have a clear plan of what I want to do. I am sure that without any help from Jamie I would not be able to find a job in New York because the culture and customs are so different from those in Europe. Now I understand how the job search works in New York.  I would definitely recommend this coaching to anybody who moves from Europe to New York. I am convinced that I would not find a job in New York without the help from Jamie.” 

Laurence Schoofs, Real Estate and Interior Design Professional

I worked with Jamie as my coach upon my return to the US after having spent several years as an expat in Switzerland and South Africa.  The most valuable aspects of the coaching were having the encouragement and support of a professional coach in a difficult endeavor and Jamie’s expertise in strategy, presentation, and identification of a job in the current job market. Jamie is insightful, helpful in identifying the underlying difficulty, and an excellent resource to her clients. I made tremendous progress in the time I worked with Jamie on achieving the goals we set out.  I was able to finish the program with a set of achievements that I was happy with and a clear plan for the future.  Without her guidance and expertise, I would not have reached these goals within the same timeframe and with such success.” 

Belle Somers, Architecture Professional

Jamie proved to be an inspiring executive coach who helped me to transition to life in New Jersey in the US. As a South African I found the process of settling in a new country more than a little daunting. Jamie stepped in and helped me to develop several valuable toolkits and survival guides. This enabled me to break bigger processes down into concrete, manageable steps. We investigated resume writing, job interview skills, cultural differences and social networking aptitudes, to name a few. As a result I was able to create a positive mental space in which to ground myself and I became far more confident. I would recommend Jamie to any prospective client because of her upbeat, pleasant disposition and her high level of professionalism.”

Christo Snyman, Corporate Governance Professional

“Jamie from Cultural Mixology presented a training seminar on intercultural awareness at our annual program meeting, and not only was the content compelling, but she presented it in a way that felt fresh and relevant. She provided our global team with a framework to openly discuss ideas and challenges, while maximizing the limited time that we had together. Jamie was a thoughtful and highly-prepared speaker, and I hope to have other opportunities to work with her.”

Nancy Raditz, Associate Vice President, Oceans Program Operations at Environmental Defense Fund

“High praise for the the Cultural Mixology seminar! It is informative and fun as you learn techniques for understanding and appreciating another culture . Jamie helps you answer the “why” underlying many cultural traditions, values and behaviors.  As an added benefit you begin to discover many things about your own culture that you may take for granted or be completely unaware of!”

The PTA, French-American School of New York

“Cultural Mixology, headed by Jamie Gelbtuch, was retained by our office in July 2016 to undertake the development of comprehensive cultural awareness training for NYC* Emergency Management staff, emergency response volunteers, and community leaders.  The project included a discovery period to understand the context that emergency management works within, a piloting period to test the effectiveness of the material, modification of the material based on feedback, and ultimate training. During this process, we worked closely with the Disability Access and Functional Needs (DAFN) community to make sure that the training was appropriate and accessible to all. Jamie also worked with agency staff to train a select group to present this training.”


Cultural Mixology has performed all contractual obligations timely and professionally.


*NYC City Charter rules do not permit any endorsement of persons or businesses

Herman Schaffer, Assistant Commissioner for Community Outreach NYC Emergency Management

“As part of my transfer from London to NY, I attended an intercultural training with Jamie Gelbtuch in July 2016. It was one of the best trainings I have ever received. Useful, detailed, customized to my needs… I thought it would not be necessary, I was wrong… Jamie is passionate, knowledgeable in multiple areas (housing, medical, finance, business, pensions, culture…) and she understands perfectly the cultural differences between countries. Her different experiences abroad help her to have an objective opinion on customs/habits but she always remains critical (in a positive way 🙂) and objective at the same time. As a real New Yorker who loves her city, she will give you the best tips to master the Big Apple, avoid pitfalls, tackle challenges, make the most of opportunities that the city offers and be successful. This complete training gave me the cards to start my insertion in the USA in the best way possible. I highly recommend Jamie Gelbtuch.”

V.R., Capital Markets Professional

“Jamie is a great listener, and she knows how to ask key questions that help generate fresh perspectives essential for attaining goals and overcoming challenges. I am very grateful for Jamie’s invaluable work in helping me transition to a new country. Her support, expertise and knowledge guided me from self-doubt to success.”

A.M., Multilingual Educator and Visual Artist

“Jamie delivered a training webinar for the Upwardly Global alumni community of 3500+ immigrant professionals from over 140 countries. Working with her on this project, it was clear that Jamie is a focused, results-driven and high-energy professional. Her presentation was rich, inspiring and transformational. Drawing from her deep knowledge and understanding of success factors in multicultural settings, Jamie provided nuggets of wisdom to guide our alumni community of foreign-trained professionals in understanding the critical skills and behavior for success in the US workplace. Feedback from this global group, with extensive international experience, has been overwhelmingly positive. Many tell of how they’ve become personally empowered to drive for greater success as they navigate the complexities in cultures and work relationships while adapting to work life within the United States of America.”

Emmanuel Imah, Alumni Engagement Manager at Upwardly Global

“Having Jamie as a Coach has been one of the greatest business experiences I’ve had in my career. Jamie has the natural ability to create powerful conversations. She helped me identify my real goals and generate concrete and effective action plans for establishing my Consulting Company in 4 months. Jamie always made me feel very comfortable, but at the same time challenged me, taking me to higher thinking levels where the real “aha-moments” happened. If you want to work with a Coach that will make you create change in a fast and productive way, her name is Jamie Gelbtuch.”

A.B., Marketing Executive and Leadership Coach

“When I first started working with Jamie on career coaching, I was both excited for the opportunity, as well as concerned that I’d feel hopeless with the possible realization that finding a career, rather than just another job, would be a truly daunting task. Instead, I learned that the process itself offers opportunities and finding a career doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  Working with someone that got to know me and could give me specifics, rather than someone who just talked to me for 5-10 minutes and told me in very general terms how my resume should be was also incredibly helpful.  Jamie was really able to help me put my thoughts into words, when I was stuck and really at a loss!”

M.S., Global Relocation Professional

“I think that Jamie is very effective as a coach.  She is very organized in her methods and approach, and this helps to keep me organized and focused on what’s important.  Her ability to keep everything so well organized (in her head and later on paper) is amazing!  She’s also very good at maximizing the limited time we have.  An hour goes by very quickly.  Jamie keeps things moving in a good way, to maximize effectiveness and impact. She asks a lot of great questions to move me forward, and summarizes back what she is “hearing” from me in order to challenge me and help me clarify my thinking. I’m quite pleased with the results of the coaching engagement.”

R.Z., Intercultural Management Consultant

“I contacted Jamie regarding a coaching engagement to work on 1/ my self confidence and 2/on the process of interviews (including the wording on my resume and the most effective way to introduce myself). It was very helpful and Jamie was very involved in the coaching. Jamie provided me tools, homework, and used interactive practices and techniques. I also discovered meditation through Jamie, which I now use on a daily basis every morning.  As an expat, I really needed to adapt myself to the way of doing things here in the US, and meeting Jamie has been a really good decision for me. It was intense – a choice from me –  and it literally changed my mindset.”

Ph. C, French, Accounting Manager - Controller

“I would highly recommend Jamie Gelbtuch and Cultural Mixology for any organization looking for intercultural awareness training. We asked Jamie and her team to create a one-day seminar tailored specifically to the unique mix of cultural diversity that exists within our organization. Jamie’s seminar was spot-on in terms of content, delivery, and timing. Jamie’s use of interactive exercises, real-world examples and humor kept the team engaged and focused. Personally, I left the training with a renewed sense of self-awareness and a more complete communications toolbox.”

Anne Cowper, SPHR, Director of Human Resources at Rohde & Schwarz

“I asked Jamie to present to the Human Resources New York City chapter of SHRM about Recognizing the Invisible: Understanding Factors that Influence Multicultural Teams Across Borders. Her presentation was very informative and provided both theory and application that audience members could implement immediately. The presentation and slides were well-organized and Jamie was very poised and highly knowledgeable on the subject matter. I would highly recommend her company and training programs.”

Becky Woods, VP, Global Mobility Services at Expaticore

“Jamie was a pleasure to work with. Jamie was hired for a seminar at our yearly local PMI Professional Development Conference. Jamie presented on Diversity in Culture. She is an engaging, likeable and highly knowledgeable presenter. I look forward to working with Jamie on future endeavors.”

Michelle Knoblauch, Project Manager at Government of Saskatchewan

“Jamie ha sido una excelente colaboradora para el sitio LiderDeProyecto.com, brindando siempre su amplio conocimiento en dirección de proyectos. Durante el tiempo que hemos colaborando, siempre se ha destacado por su profesionalismo, puntualidad, esmero y calidad en su trabajo. Sin duda alguna Jamie conjuga los valores y capacidad profesional para destacar en el mundo laboral de hoy.”

Ramón Alcántar, Editor en LiderdeProyecto.com

“Jamie spoke at a workshop for special librarians in DC and was the most popular speaker of the day. Attendees felt her advice on cross-cultural communication was useful and timely and could be applied in all sorts of situations and work environments. Her interactive presentation also helped keep the entire audience engaged. I would welcome the opportunity to have Jamie back to talk to our group and I look forward to working together in the future.”

Abigail Ellsworth Ross, Library Manager at Keller and Heckman LLP

“I had the pleasure of working with Jamie when she volunteered to be a presenter in the Georgetown University Alumni Career Services Webinar Program. In planning the webinar I found Jamie to be extremely professional, detail oriented, and focused on excellence. Her presentation on addressing and dealing with cross-cultural challenges in the workspace was extremely relevant to the needs of our alumni and many were grateful to have an expert address these issues. It is clear that the work Jamie does at Cultural Mixology is becoming increasingly important as people are more exposed to colleagues with varying customs and norms. We appreciated Jamie’s expertise and hope to have her do presentations on these important topics for the Georgetown community again in the future.”

Sarah Hay, Associate Director of Alumni Career Services, Georgetown University

“I had the opportunity to work with Jamie for the past year and a half, first as an intern, and later as a consultant. Jamie is a prime example of someone who genuinely loves the work they do. Her intelligence, passion and generosity don’t even begin to describe how much of a pleasure she is to work with. Not only was Jamie an outstanding boss, she was a patient teacher and most importantly, a mentor.

I started working for Jamie during the summer of 2011 as an intern. Interning at Cultural Mixology was an exciting experience because it wasn’t your typical internship. Instead of grabbing coffee for the office, I was working one on one with the founder of a company. As a plus, Jamie and I have very similar interests. Throughout the summer, we would meet on a weekly basis to not only work on projects, but also to talk about the multicultural world. Ranging from a variety of topics, Jamie would educate me about a particular subject and explain how it relates to the industry. Not only was I assisting Jamie with the development of training materials, I was also learning a tremendous amount of information I could never learn in the classroom.

Continuing to work for Jamie as a consultant, I was given the opportunity to collaborate with her on a Latin America research project. Working together, we were able to draw concrete conclusions about the cultural differences in Latin America. This project was my absolute favorite because not only was I collecting and analyzing results from 6 different countries, I was working with Jamie to understand the many cultural differences there are between each and every one.

I believe the best way you learn is through experience, and while working with Jamie for the past year and a half, I can truly say that I learned something new everyday.”

Lauren Amaio, Communications Professional: expertise in advertising, digital and social media

“He tenido la grata oportunidad de tener a Jamie como conferencista en mas de una ocasión para charlas sobre las diferencias culturales. Ella conoce muy bien el tema y mejor aun, lo explica con gran facilidad. Su conocimiento de las diferentes culturas y costumbres del mundo Hispano parlante, son muy apreciadas y valiosas.Es todo una profesional en su labor y habla fluidamente y con claridad el idioma español.Por lo anterior, no vacilo en recomendarla ampliamente.”

Manuel Mendez, Programs Manager at Community Center of Northern Westchester

“I am the Executive Director of a not-for-profit organization which provides food, clothing, guidance and job skills to thousands of local people in need in northern Westchester County, NY. For nearly two years, Jamie Gelbtuch has done consultant work to help launch and guide programs for our organization.

Jamie’s work with our organization required communications skills in Spanish and English and a grasp of cultural issues Hispanic immigrants face in living in the our community, which Jamie was able to provide. She produced a wide range of final product, from PowerPoint and slide presentations to grant proposals and assessments.

Jamie is thorough and produces meticulously crafted work; she cares mightily about, and was diligent in producing, excellent finished products and genuinely favorable outcomes: testimony to her skills and her exemplary work ethic, but also to her honesty and personal and professional integrity.”

Sherry Wolf, Executive Director at Community Center of Northern Westchester

“I met Jamie after presenting in a congress in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was impressed by Jamie’s knowledge and passion about cross-cultural topics. Her experience is based on real exposure to culture in different countries, which makes her a trustful consultant in this matter. Jamie works very well in virtual and collocated environments and knows how to address the communication needs of cross-cultural and multi-generational teams. I would recommend Jamie to any organization in need of cross-cultural training.”

ConradoMorlan, PfMP® PgMP® PMP® CSM®, Global Program Manager

“Jamie Gelbtuch realizo una evaluaciòn experta y excelente elecciòn de un programa de inglès a la medida de mis necesidades. Estoy feliz con los resultados, es una profesional seria y dedicada.”

Erna Quilaqueo Salazar, Director Ejecutivo en TRANSFER MyE Ltda., transporte privado y turismo

“Jamie worked with me in my preparation to relocate temporarily to Singapore this year, where I was sent for 4 months to execute an e-trading platform migration project for all JPMorgan clients that trade foreign exchange in Asia. The project went well and I returned to New York as planned.

The expat workshop with Jamie was very useful as I had never been to Asia before. Not only did we focus on the particular customs of doing business in Asia, we also studied the history of the country and the people, and the cultural differences that would affect my everyday life outside the office. The extensive material presented by Jamie was useful, interesting and up-to-date. She is extremely professional and knows her material very well. Interestingly enough, I am from Argentina and her focus is on Latin American countries and cultures, however, our program was geared to Asian cultures, and I feel it was as successful.

The 2 programs with Jamie were very valuable and I consider my short-term assignment to be an incredibly positive experience both from a professional and personal point of views. Most people overlook the importance of the repatriation workshop. People take for granted how difficult is coming back home, to the routine and the known. Jamie’s repatriation workshop made me aware of the difficulties of coming home and made the adjustment easier.

I would highly recommend Jamie for any kind of program, as she is extremely knowledgeable and flexible, and it was a pleasure working with her.”

Andy Neiman, FX eCommerce Sales & Trading Support at JP Morgan

“Jamie presented a webinar for the PMI Global Diversity, Community of Practice on Multigenerational Teams and Their Impact in Project Management to a highly engaged global audience. Her command and understanding of the subject matter gave her credibility and enabled her to relate with the broad range of attendees. She incorporated poll questions to interact and gain immediate feedback allowing her to modify the pacing and narrative accordingly. At the Q&A session her responses were spot on in further dialoging and establishing rapport. Making presentations through a virtual technology medium is often very challenging. Jamie was able to pull it off with preparation, planning and flawless execution.”

Ray Ju, PMP, CSM, MBA, MAL, Board Director at National Association of Asian American Professionals, Honolulu

“Ms. Gelbtuch was retained by the Counselors of Real Estate Foundation in connection with its joint collaboration with the Kenya School of Monetary Studies. Briefly, the objective of the collaborative was two fold: (1) To provide a series of presentations to students visiting the United States from the KSMS on best practices used in the field of real estate construction, valuation, and investment; and (2) participation by members of the CRE organization in a real estate symposium sponsored by the KSMS in Nairobi, Kenya.

Ms. Gelbtuch participated in the first phase of the collaborative during which three students from the KSMS visited the US for the first time. As part of their orientation, and given their lack of exposure to the culture of this country, the collaborative retained the services of Ms. Gelbtuch to provide a one hour presentation to the students on the cultural characteristics of the US business community and US society in general.

Ms. Gelbtuch’s presentation exceeded our expectations; her presentation was clear, concise and comprehensive. Key points were clearly articulated and easy to understand with the aid of well prepared PowerPoint. She was thoroughly prepared as evidenced by her ability to clearly answer all questions put forth by the students. Her introductory presentation set the stage for what all considered to be a very successful three day business forum. Ms. Gelbtuch conducted herself in a most professional manner and is truly an expert on world cultures. If the opportunity were to arise again, we would definitely retain her services, she is an outstanding professional.”

Tom Justin, Principal at The Weitzman Group, Inc.

“Jamie did a great job with the Atlas Corps Fellows teaching them about Reverse Culture Shock and preparing them to return back to their countries. We would definitely hire Jamie again!”

Scott Beale, Founder & CEO, Atlas Corps

“I have had the pleasure of inviting Jamie to be a guest speaker at Western CT State University. She provided a very well received language lesson and cultural recommendations for a group of President’s scholars for a Geneva, Switzerland pre-departure meeting. Within minutes she had a group of students and faculty on their feet mingling in French, preparing them to feel confident with their ability to manage with the most basic language skills while abroad. I was astounded by her warm and professional manner and how quickly and successfully she engaged her audience. Jamie has also presented in a panel on the Importance of Language in our World. She is extremely articulate and motivating, gentle and inspiring. Many students inquired very seriously about going abroad to pursue language acquisition after hearing her comments and recommendations – she drove these students to action. I would strongly recommend Jamie’s work – the quality is high, the professionalism is noteworthy and her educational background is unmatched. She is an absolute pleasure to work with and to know!”

Missy Gluckmann, Founder, Melibee Global

“Jamie’s insight and perspectives on cultural wiring has been invaluable to me in working with international clients. She has not only opened my eyes to the many ways in which culture of origin shapes day to day exchanges, but she has provided excellent examples and evidence to underscore the knowledge she imparts.”

Karyn Gallant, Executive Coach, Founding Partner at Gallant Consulting Group