The eighth wonders of the world:  dating and relationships.  Even in their most basic form, they test our resiliency:  we are forced to ask many questions (to our friends, our family, ourselves), consider our intuition (even listen to it on occasion), and constantly (hopefully) learn from experience. Dating across cultures oftentimes ups the challenges as we open the door to the possibility that another person’s behaviors are culturally driven. “Culture” can become anything from a reason to a rationale to an excuse to a scapegoat to a barrier in an already emotionally clouded situation!


The Event

In this 60-minute session led by trainer and coach Jamie Gelbtuch, we will realistically assess the complexity that cultural differences may bring to a relationship, look at several types of intercultural partners, and co-design strategies for effectively managing challenges specific to dating across cultures.  Come prepared to share personal experiences and gain clarity about some of the myths (positive and negative) surrounding intercultural dating.

When: December 10, 2015 at 10 PM ET (it will be recorded in case you cannot make it live)

Location: VIRTUAL


This is ideal for…

  • Those who have dated, are currently dating, or are considering dating someone from another culture
  • UG and Graduate students
  • College administrators, especially those in multicultural affairs, international students/scholars and study abroad